Jaeger Eureka's Application

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Jaeger Eureka's Application

Post by Dolan Troomp on Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:58 pm

In-game name: Jaeger_Eureka

Age: 20

Hobbies: I'm mainly a console gamer and I occasionally play a few PC games. I'm in college at the moment so the majority of my time goes to school work but when I'm free I'm mostly playing games, hanging with friends, and going to my colleges sport activities.

What I can contribute: I can contribute a respectable personality as well as uphold a positive image for the clan. I'm only playing MBII for fun so I want the people that I play with are having fun as well.

Why I'm interested: You guys are cool and acceptable to anyone who plays MBII. I'm no where near being a pro but you guys didn't care so it was a much more enjoyable experience.

Do I have a microphone and or a way to join you on Teamspeak: I don't really prefer to voice chat but I definately have a microphone so if it is needed I will be willing to do so.

ACCEPTED 11/4/2015
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